November 11, 2013

Dead Sea Cascade SOLD at JHP 2013 Modern Masters of Photography Auction

Marla Mossman with the Dead Sea Cascade 8 x 10 inches dye sublimation print sold at the
JHP 2013 Auction  Monday, November 10, 2013                    photo: ©Stephen Digges 2013

I am very pleased that with the sale of Dead Sea Cascade at the Josephine Herrick Project's 2013 MODERN MASTERS OF PHOTOGRAPHY BENEFIT AUCTION the proceeds will go to this very worthy cause of rehabilitation through photography 

June 30, 2013

Calm before the Coup in Cairo

Anti Morsi Protester on June 29, 2013 Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt 
It was only a year ago the world witnessed the rejoicing in the streets as Egypt celebrated its first democratically elected President. But Cairo, the Mother of the World, never bonded with the child she had birthed. The Mother has rejected her first born. Today, the world waits with suspicion and fear as tourists alter their vacation plans for safer destinations.

Even the Egyptian Museum is eerily silent. Gone are the long lines of chattering foreign voices, all the tourists have stayed away.  I am alone in the room with the mummies of the ancient Pharaohs: Ramses II, Tuthmosis III, and Hatshepsut. I feel their spirits rising with the memories of this once great nation.

Anti Morsi/Obama Posters Tahrir Square June 29, 2013

Outside, the blazing streets are virtually deserted.  The hot air rarefied with the anticipation of the hundreds of thousands of people expected to arrive the next day for the planned protests. Only a small noisy group has gathered keeping up the drumbeat by responding forcefully to a series of passionate speakers delivering angry shouts from the stage.

So, You have figured out exactly what I am thinking as I carefully move deeper into Tahrir Square this Saturday afternoon June 29, 2013
Anti Morsi BrochuresTahrir Square June 29, 2013

At first I see many families with children. But as I move closer to the stage my handsome guide suddenly becomes my bodyguard, standing tall in his tight white T-Shirt and blue jeans. Then as quickly he becomes my boyfriend as I cling onto his arm, shifting my body shamefully tight into his.

Men are starting to rage, the situation is becoming very tense. I am afraid!  

Anti Morsi Protesters Gather Tahrir Square June 29, 2013

Around my neck hangs a big Nikon camera, in my hand a Sony video camera. I'm shooting with both at the same time.  I do not want anyone to get the wrong idea and think that I am a journalist.

Visions of the countless, nameless women who have been violently molested and raped flash before my eyes. I realize the situation could easily escalate out of control - so I leave!
 I leave Egypt at 9am Sunday morning just hours before the massive crowds gather in Tahrir Sq and Nassar City.

In May, when I first booked the flight to Cairo, I had completely forgotten about the violent revolution that had recently taken place in Egypt. Like any difficult birth, I thought that the pain had been forgotten, replaced with an ecstatic love.

It was only after I told everyone I was going that they all said the same thing to me; 

'Aren't you afraid? Why are you going to Cairo?'

I said 'Its a short flight to Uganda, that's why' And besides, I yelled back at them, 'I am fascinated with Egypt, Cairo especially!'

I had no idea then, that my intuition must have chosen the morning of June 30th to leave Egypt.

Did you know that the source of the Nile is in Jinja, Uganda?

I did not know that fact, so I went to Jinja to see for myself. Thus metaphorically tying together why my stop over needed to be Cairo in order to get to Uganda.

April 12, 2013

International Women's Art Salon's Radio Interview

I was interviewed Monday night for the International Women's Art Salon's Radio on my Peace Caravan project. 
The show broadcasts from Umberto's Clam House in Little Italy. The sound guy sits in a small closet with the stocks of olive oil and cans of anchovies. Jenny Green ( the woman in white ) - is the host. She is a professional at keeping the show going. She has previously worked at the BBC presenting the country's news. Heidi is the producer and founder of IWAS. She expends tireless efforts working as a curator, organizer and champion of women in the artistic world.
The show is going to be archived on on Thursday, April 11, 2013 if you want to take a listen.
To Listen to the entire broadcast: 

February 15, 2013

Fatti un Film Finalist


Journey along the Silk Road: Xinjiang Province, China 
by Marla Mossman. Usa, 2012, documentary, 17'5'' - Italian premiere
The captivating glance of an American photographer will lead us to the discovery of the contemporary Silk Road.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni is pleased to present the selected short films concurring to the second edition of Shoot it out - exhibit your short film, contest linked to the exhibition On the Silk Road. Ancient Pathways Between East and West. An occasion to explore and interpret using the imagination of cinematographic narration, the wide range of subjects of a great exhibition. The works, mainly Italian premieres, arrived from all around the world and are now presented to the public in a two-day screening event.  On Saturday 2nd will also take place the award ceremony sustained by La Placa and Canon, during which the best short films will be awarded at the presence of the cinematographic critic             Francesco Castelnuovo from Sky Cinema and the public jury.

Mt. Ararat

Marla Mossman

My photo
One woman traveling alone, in search of her religious and cultural heritage.