September 26, 2009

Architecture in Areas of Conflict along the Silk Road

The Wall   Bethlehem, Israel

I was excited to give my presentation to Ryerson University Honor's Architecture Students later in the afternoon. My flight arrived early enough for me to be able to visit the places I had not seen for many years. Toronto had changed since I lived there in the early 80's, especially the Harbor Front area. Row after row of shiny high-rise condo's obscured Lake Ontario to a tiny blue sliver. As I wandered the bustling streets my thoughts turned to the images in my presentation and to those people who are living under oppressive conditions today and the contrast is startling. I am grateful for the opportunity to show through my photographs the real people living outside the mainstream of history, trying to provide for even the basic means of survival. The Lecture Series is part of the ongoing Peace Caravan Project's mission to "promote acceptance, tolerance and understanding in areas of turmoil and conflict along The Silk Road"

Mt. Ararat

Marla Mossman

My photo
One woman traveling alone, in search of her religious and cultural heritage.