May 30, 2010

Day 2: Panjiayuan Market, Beijing

Up early to have breakfast with Ira. He collects me in his car at the front lobby and we literally go 2 minutes when the driver does a U-Turn into the Crown Plaza.  Before I can say, "Tzao Shang Hao" (good morning), Ira and I are drinking coffee. Its french toast for him and scrambled eggs for me. Could be in New York.

After all these years, I finally get to see Iras Beijing. Hes been living in China for over 23 years and to hear him speak Chinese is so much fun. He delights in chatting with everyone, as I was soon to find out at Beijings famous weekend Panjiayuan Market.

On our way to the market, we did a quick stop to the historic NanLuoGuxiang hutong to check out my new hotel; the traditional courtyard, Lu Song Yuan. More about that in tomorrows blog. Its a good thing the driver missed the entrance to the hutong otherwise I would not have gotten this shot of the two guys taking a nap in the bus.

Luggage Sleeper, Beijing

Panjiayuan Market View, Beijing

Market Porter, Beijing

Man with Suitcase, Beijing

Whos Next, Beijing

Tomorrow is Day 3 and I am off to the Tiantan (Temple of Heaven) to meet up with my friend Devananda.

Mt. Ararat

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