August 30, 2014

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Marla Mossman Peace Caravan Project Founder/Director  photo for The Epoch Times by Ben Chasteen

This Is New York: Marla Mossman, on Documenting Disappearing Cultures

By Epoch Times | August 23, 2014

"NEW YORK—The car came to a halt; there was a roadblock in the mountains of Kabul, Afghanistan. A woman had just been captured. Her translator and driver were killed. The police asked Marla Mossman, a lone traveler with short black curls and bright blue eyes, if she was certain she wanted to go on. The militants would not arrange two kidnappings in half an hour, she thought, so onward she went. 
Mossman, a photographer who documents remnants of culture before it’s pulverized by wars and modernization, has faced harder decisions before......."
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Marla Mossman

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One woman traveling alone, in search of her religious and cultural heritage.